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I started in the beauty business in 1999.
Love what I do.
My passion is hair and makeup.
Live in New York.

I follow fashion trends and get much of my inspiration from beauty conventions and trending fashion. Having many friends in the beauty business, some of them having celebrity clientele and work on the big picture, I am able to see trends before they come out to the public.

In my head I am always thinking what is that special something that I can add that will make my client feel glamorous, brighter and pop.

The Glitter
I travel to beauty shows regularly and noticed that there is a need for a different kind of metallic. one that would brighten the eye, sparkle, look romantic, trendy and be original.
That is when I got creative I used my color ideas stemming from my work as a hairstylist for the past 18 years and counting.

There are as many as 20 glitter colors that go into one color shade.
Each shade serves a different purpose to bring out your eye color compliment any skin tone and reflect reflect reflect. I even added a color that will help eyes to appear whiter in my own opinion.

My Brand Story
I am a professional in the beauty industry since 1999. My two loves of my business are hair and makeup.
I have been searching for a glitter to wear on my eyes for around 4 years.
I was always skimming thru makeup brands only to be sent home with a shimmer a glimmer, pearlized or worse, loose glitter and glitter glue which was such a mess. A little more research and I discovered an easy to apply, real glitter in a shadow form with no harsh glitter glue. I found two amazing professionals in my industry who are true artisans when it comes to makeup and panning. We have formulated an amazing one of a kind collection I call kmreflection. I personally pick and choose the cosmetic glitter colors. Many different glitter colors are added to one color to highlight the eye and skin or even pick up a color you are wearing. My glitter collection is formulated specifically to brighten, compliment and bring a little sparkle to your day.
Kmreflection is for all ages glitters will never rest in fine lines.
This venture has been a whirlwind of excitement. Launching my product at the International beauty show NYC in March. Sold Out pop-up special edition palettes I have featured on Facebook. Many many new friends and interests in my business. My favorite part of being an owner of a cosmetic line is working with my costumers. Assisting with selection of colors that will add a wow factor to your everyday makeup regime daytime or date night.
This all has been an amazing experience and I am truly grateful.